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Boy With A Gun - 1987-1993
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Boy With A Gun - 1987-1993

Boy With A Gun Installation

Boy With A Gun Installed at Jewish Museum of Flor

Boy With A Gun Installed Jewish Museum of Florida

Boy With a Gun/Triumph Of Death I and II

Boy With A Gun/Victory

Boy With A Gun/Escape

Boy With A Gun/Venus Fly Trap

Boy With A Gun/Skulls

Boy With A Gun/Helmet and Arrows

Boy With A Gun/Spider Web

Boy With A Gun/Saturday Night Special

Held for Exhibit

Boy With A Gun/Rearview

Boy With A Gun/Chemical Deterioration

Boy With A Gun/Crutches

Boy With A Gun/Men's Shelter


Boy With A Gun/Execution

Boy With A Gun/Little Girl

Boy With A Gun/Bars

Boy With A Gun/Child

Boy With A Gun/Homeless

Held for Exhibit

Boy With A Gun/Mask

Boy With A Gun/Fire

Boy With A Gun/Pointing Finger

Installation - Boy With A Gun

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