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Grace Crashing Into Trump World #the naked truth
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Manipulation- Film 1999-2001
Stop Stealing My Face- Diary of Mother in Hospice
Keyhole Series 1994-1997
Boy With A Gun - 1987-1993
Nowhere To Go - Holocaust Series 1990-1993
Silhouette Series 1988-1993
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Manipulation- Film 1999-2001
“Manipulation - Film” combining painting and collaged photographs incorporates film stills from some of the great cinematic “masterpieces” of our era. I speak to the power of film to re-vise, re-invent and re-position history and historical figures within popular culture.

Manipulation - Camouflage/Sliver

Camouflage/Platoon (4 panels)

Massacre of the Innocents

Detail:Manipulation - Camouflage/Platoon

Manipulation - War

Manipulation - Fear

Manipulation - Raging

Manipulation - The Kiss

Manipulation - Romance

Red Dust

Manipulation - Portraits/Carl

Manipulation - Portrait/Berta At 18

Manipulation - Portrait/Yaz

Manipulation Portraits - Jen

Manipulation - Leni's Diver

Manipulation - M and Me

Manipulation - Lookout

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