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My artworks are interactive performance / installations, which fuse the production and business aspects of Art as the subject. Art about Art. Through real sweat, my Art depicts the struggle that artist udergo to create, promote, and sell their work. Hard work and physical endurance are intergral components in my performances. Humor and sarcasm are also important elements in my Art.
The Stationary Climber is a vertical climbing track that rotates as I climb it, which rotates a drawing table on its axis in circles. As I climb the track, a drawing jig mirrors my up and down movements on the rotating drawing surface. Contained within the drawing jig is a marker, which is linked via cables to both my arms, so as I extend either arm it causes the marker to move. The performance last as long as I can endure, but ultimately ends when a lever at the top of the piece is grabbed, which lifts the drawing jig off the drawing table. The Stationary Climber is a Sisypean tragedy for artists.
The Knockout Artist has a spring loaded mechanical arm powered by 3 spring strength levels: Heavywieght, middleweight, lightweight. There are 4 different kinds of punches and 15 to 20 contraption like brushed. Once the punch strength, style, and brush have been selected...I stand behind the canvas & easel and trip the release. At the same time I am being punched in the face the brush is striking the canvas. Over the course of 12 three minute rounds I create an abstract Action Painting.
The Pencil Pusher is a performance driven art form that fuses the characteristics of installation, sculpture, drawing, and the business of art into an interactive performance. The work day/performance starts when the artist punches in on a time clock for his 8 hour day. After making a pot of coffee, the Pencil Pusher climbs into a metal cage-like offic
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