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Birth Year: 1969
Currently Lives In: Albany, NY Area
Website: www.youtube.com/abeZart
MFASUNY AlbanyAlbany, NY2002
MASUNY AlbanyAlbany, NY1999
BFASUNY FredoniaFredonia, NY1996
Solo Exhibitions
Stationary ClimberFulton Street GalleryTroy, NY2007
Hop, Skip, & Ahhhh JumpFulton Street GalleryTroy, NY2001
Pencil Pusher Pushing PencilsFulton Street GalleryTroy, NY2000
Knockout ArtistArtists SpaceNew York City, NY1999
Knockout ArtistFulton Street GalleryTroy, NY1999
Abraham FerraroEmmitt Christian GalleryFredonia, NY1996
Group Exhibitions
Synergy - Nadine WasselmanArts Capital of the Capital RegionTroy, NY2007
Bright Ideas - Yura AdamsFoundation GalleryHudson, NY2006
Pretty Girls and RobotsUpstate Artist GuildAlbany, NY2006
The Great Municipal Side Show - Mike OatmanAlbany Center GalleriesAlbany, NY2005
Museum Exhibitions
Mohawk-Hudson Regional - Linda NordonAlbany Institute of History & ArtAlbany, NY2002
MFA Thesis ExhibitionUniversity MuseumAlbany, NY2002
Mohawk-Hudson Regional - Xu BingUniversity MuseumAlbany, NY2000
Mohawk-Hudson Regional - Mike GlierAlbany Institute of History & ArtAlbany, NY1999
Young Artist Speak on InstallationSciena CollegeLoudenville, NY2001
SOSNYFA & ACCRNew York2006
GSO Research GrantGraduate Student OrganizationAlbany, NY2001
GSO Travel GrantGraduate Student OrganizationAlbany, NY2001
Departmental Incentive Award GrantFredonia Art DepartmentFredonia, NY1994
Jury PrizeMike OatmanAlbany Center Galleries2005
Jury PrizeLinda NordonAlbany Institute of History & Art2002
Jury PrizeMike GlierAlbany Institute of History & Art1999
Sculpture SpaceSculpture SpaceUtica, NY2006
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