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Artist's Statement
In my art, I explore the fringes of aesthetic acceptability as I bring concepts, language and symbolism into my work. I take a bold and adventurous approach with my materials, using acrylic mediums in non-traditional ways, and adding photographs and household objects to the palette. My unconventional compositions and aesthetic choices grow from my love of artistic adventure and a desire to awaken our senses from the trance of the familiar. In place of traditional canvas, I use wire mesh (hardware cloth). The mesh becomes an active component of the artwork, rather than a passive, invisible surface on which to paint. Its interwoven strands unify the work, and at the same time make it possible to paint on both sides of its transparent surface. Its industrial, mass-produced look creates a tension with the traditional aesthetic role of fine art, and its sturdiness allows me to incorporate the power of assemblage into my paintings. The mesh, however, is not an end in itself, but rather a means of presenting visually rich and thought-provoking concepts. I hope you are moved by these works. I hope they spark the ferment of new feelings and ideas. It is their main purpose in life.
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