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Paul Gazda     Bio   Statement                Messenger
Solo Exhibitions
enmeshedPhoenix GalleryNew York, New York2005
Photographic WorksHere and Now GalleryToronto, Canada2005
Triple VisionPhoenix GalleryNew York, New York2001
Confluence: Painting and PhotographyKerr Cultural CenterScottsdale, Arizona1991
Photographic MediaDel Bello GalleryToronto, Canada1984
Photographic CollagesDel Bello GalleryToronto, Canada1983
Museum Exhibitions
Power Grid (solo)West Valley Art MuseumSurprise, Arizona2005
A to Z: Art by the LetterArizona Museum for YouthMesa, Arizona2000
Paul Gazda, Painting-Photography Fusion (solo)West Valley Art MuseumSurprise, Arizona1997
Earth, Mind and SpiritWest Valley Art MuseumSurprise, Arizona1995
Exploring Transformative ArtSedona Museum of ArtSedona, Arizona1993
Public Collections
West Valley MuseumSurprise, Arizona
Private Collections
Quadrangle ArchitectsToronto, Canada
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