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Birth Place: Brooklyn
Currently Lives In: New York
Website: www.normagreenwood.com
M.A.Hunter CollegeNew York1968
Solo Exhibitions
Between Then And NowThe FoundryLong Island City, NY2007
Recent PaintingsPenn State College GalleryWilliamsport, Pa.2004
Painting NowWashington Arts ClubWashington, DC2003
Group Exhibitions
N.Y Spring ExhibtionGuild Hall Easthampton, NY2005
Cindy Sherman CuratesSean KellyChelsea, NYC2004
Drawing ShowArtists SpaceSoho, NY2004
Echoes of the New MilleniumQueens Council on the ArtsTheater in the Park, NY2002
OffspringCurated by Charlotta KotikBrooklyn, NY2001
The Matchbox ShowArt in GeneralSoho, NY1997
Museum Exhibitions
Music and ArtGodwin -Turnbach MuseumQueens, NY2005
Under the InfluenceIslip MuseumIslip, NY2001
Ongoing Exhibitions
INFINITI Study in Red#31 and # 32http://www.infiniti.com/content/0,5757,sctid-520622008
INFINITI Study in RedPublic Art Installation34th Street & 8th Ave NYC2005
New Jersey Summer ExhibtionGallery 125Trenton, NJ2005
Sugarman GrantGeorge Sugarman Foundation
Abby Austin Award Mural FellowshipNational Academy Of ArtNew York City2007
BAUartist residencyOtranto, Italy2012
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