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Drawings: New Works on Paper
Paintings:Patterns & Interruptions
Photography-based paintings
Drawings 2012
New Canvas Work
Drawings: 2009
Drawings: 2008
More Canvas Work
Postcard Drawings
Installation Work
Photography-based paintings
Paintings based upon the photographic image and vice versa.

The act of looking...

Price On Request



Once is never enough.

Price On Request

Joy to the world


Untitled (Study for The act of looking...)


Untitled (Study for the light...)


Untitled (Study for everything was beautiful...)


Twenty-two Polaroids


Camera paintings: Polaroid


Camera paintings: Pinhole


Untitled (sneakers, polaroid)

Price On Request

Camera paintings: Mamiya


Camera paintings:Diana

Polaroid land camera

Camera paintings: Thirty-five mm holga


Camera paintings: Rolleicord


Camera paintings: Asahi

Camera paintings: Light meter

Camera paintings: Lenses 2

Camera paintings:Lenses

Camera paintings:Hawkeye

Camera paintings: Flash

Camera paintings:Color fun 35mm

Camera paintings: Cable release

A polaroid of a polaroid of a


Untitled (diana on the table)

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