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artist's statement

My work offers something familiar and tangible, the prosaic and everyday, but in a distorted manner.  I’m interested in my immediate environment: the people, objects and space I come into contact with everyday and the interactions that occur.  By removing objects from an ordinary context and placing them into an isolated space I reinterpret these objects and forge new relationships between them.  On the surface my work appears minimal: most pieces are reduced to a few basic components, which places a strong emphasis on the tension and interaction created between an often-disparate assembly of elements.  I look to break down traditional notions of space and time, concentrating on the juxtaposition between objects and their relationship to space and each other over a period of duration. 

I don’t see my art as a static event; I view it as an experience and it serves as a reminder that life is a temporal activity shaped by the fluid environment that I’m surrounded by.  Although often abstract, I invoke the personal, political and social in an effort to understand my world. I’ve become enamored with the everyday, peering intently upon minute details, from words to objects to people.  In doing so, I engage with a system that is in a constant state of flux, where past, present and future are changed to stop, fast-forward, skip-back and pause, sometimes all at once.

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