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Artist Statement – The Tension of Opposites





My work focuses on the issue of containment – the human desire for the safety of enclosure and structure vs. the terror of possible entrapment. My paintings depict an array of containers - grids, buildings, eggs, spheres, circles and squares and suggest that a container can protect, imprison or do both.


My work often veers back and forth between competing dualities – abstraction vs. photorealism, loose vs. tight, contained vs.unrestrained, geometric vs. biomorphic shapes, motherhood vs. childhood, square vs. circle, creation vs. destruction. The Tension of Opposites is an ongoing  exploration of these and other dualities that creep into my work.



 Painting, for me, is a slow gradual emergence of form into space. Using palette knives, nails, combs, rags -I push, pull, dig and scrape - searching for layers underneath as  I continue to add more paint on top of layers. This way of working always allows me to make surprising discoveries, which for me is an essential part of the painting process. My paintings emerge gradually and only after much struggle, not unlike the way a person’s sense of self emerges itself over the course of a lifetime.


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