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Birth Place: NYC NY
Website: www.louiseweinbergart.com
4 year DiplomaSchool pf the Museum of Fine ArtsBoston, MA2002
MSColumbia UniversityNYC NY1975
BABrandeis UniversityWaltham,MA1973
Solo Exhibitions
Emergence Art Gallery Newton Free LibraryNewton Centre MA2012
Connect/ DisconnectPhoenix GalleryNYC NY (Chelsea)2012
ApparitionsDietzspaceTribecca, NYC NY2010
Sphere SeriesImagoWarren Rhode Island2009
Louise Weinberg -New PaintingsDiamond- Newman Fine ArtBoston, MA2006
Louise Weinberg - Recent Work Brandeis UniversityWaltham, MA1998
2 Person Exhibitions
Emergence of Self: Creative Collaboration with DavGallery 1581Boston, MA2010
Emergence of Self in MIdlife with David WeinbergThe Art Gallery at the Honan-Allston LibraryBoston, MA2009
Louise Weinberg and Christine VallaincourtDiamond Newman FIne ArtBoston, MA2008
Square ConstructionsBaak GalleryCambridge MA2006
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