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HTML Emails - all email communication from NeoImages is now in html. Registration, Sales, Guestbook Notifications, Artwork Inquiries, Artwork Contact, Renewal, Renewal Reminders, Statistics, NeoMail (internal mail sent from one member to another), etc. These are all together now in a nice management console.

Calendar Event Display on Home Page - a new script that posts a short list of the current events from the calendar.

Social Publishing
Update your accounts on Twitter or Facebook with your artwork posts

Calendar Upgrades in the MyNeoImages area: We've corrected the known issues and added more calendar categories.

Art Stream - view the continuous stream of uploads from home page
-> www.neoimages.net -> scroll to bottom -> click "view stream" link at lower left

Portfolio Stream - view the continuous stream of updated portfolios from Home page -> www.neoimages.net -> scroll to bottom -> click "view stream" link at lower right

Metric & English system for artwork dimensions
-> login -> add or edit artwork -> notice the new units of measure drop down list

Currency - Euros in addition to Dollars for Price
-> login -> choose the artwork to edit from the drop down list on your home page or click "portfolios" on the left hand tool bar for a list of your artworks -> click edit -> under price|stats|contact there is a new drop down list for currency

Advanced statistics - special feature for portfolio and portfolio plus users showing your all time hits to each artwork
-> login -> click portfolios on the left hand tool bar -> in the list of artworks the hits are labeled on the column on the right.

Resume PDF & Word Doc Uploader
-> login -> click bio on the left hand tool bar -> Resume uploader in center of page

Statement Text Editor
-> login -> click statement on the left hand tool bar -> new text editor in center of page

Delete Empty portfolios
-> login -> click portfolios on the left hand tool bar -> empty portfolios display a delete button along side of the edit portfolio button.

Organize - Arrange portfolios
-> login -> click portfolios on the left hand tool bar -> at page top right click arrange portfolios -> we offer a few ways to automatically arrange the portfolios or you can arrange them manually.

Neo Mail - Message Center
We've released Neo Mail, which is effectively an internal message center. Send a message & keep private dialog with fellow artists, collectors & friends. There are several components to this feature.
Where to find it:
Login -> On the left hand tool bar four new buttons (Compose, Inbox, Sent, Trash)
Two ways to contact a member:
1. Click the Envelope Icon next to the members name. or
2. Click *Compose* and then click search.. -> opens the member directory -> chose a member -> compose & send.

Member Directory
With the release of the Message Center we created a new member Directory. Current access to this directory is through the Neo Mail - compose then search opens the directory. We will be expanding the directory to sort by member type and region. It is important that you have a portrait.
Here's how to add a portrait
Login -> Click Bio or Profile on the left hand tool bar -> Upload portrait.

Visitor, Patron & Benefactor Services
Create your NeoImages art collection. Register on NeoImages and benefit from our new Features.
> create a profile
> save favorite artworks
> save favorite portfolios
> send messages and keep private dialog with artists and fellow collectors on NeoImages. Create a Visitor Listing

suggest a feature!

these are items we are currenlty resolving

1. Resume: Error reported uploading PDF's on the resume form. changing and deleting resume.

2. Video Hyperlinks: artworks added to the video category - a fix is needed for particularly long urls, with special characters

3. the calendar entries posted on home page, the link to the artists portfolio is formatted incorrectly & and we need the outgoing link to the venue.

4. Increasing Upload File Size to 6mb.

if you find any other errors or nuances or improvements to suggest for the site, please let us know. thank you

contact us


We are in webmaster bootcamp this Summer to improve our search optimization. http://www.google.com/intl/en/webmasters/ Our goal is to get on page one of google search results for certain key words like "contemporary art". Part of making the site more google friendly is to create a site map page, streamlining tags for all the images (because bots can't see the images), streamlining all the information and links, they even recommend posting google ads.


Recent fixes (most of these were right after moving to the new server):

0. guestbook submissions fixed

1. Delete item. fixed

2. Bio photo. fixed

3. links from home page artworks being viewed now - fixed

4. edit item - change images - this is fixed

Also we've set the stats to automatically go bi-weekly on Saturday mornings at 6am.
We wanted more consistency with these.

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