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Robert Heckes founded of NeoImages & is in charge of developing features & managing web services. Robert makes art & exhibis nationally in museums and galleries including Postmasters Gallery in NYC. Robert is currently represented in Los Angeles, California by Edward Cella Art & Architecture. Robert's work has been reviewed in many publications including the New York Times & Art in America. A graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute, Robert has worked for Hirschl and Adler Modern New York, NY & DiCon Fiberoptics. Robert is an active artist, avid user of NeoImages.net & also works with Sotheby's.

Ada Heckes is the Curator of NeoImages and oversees the artists community and flat files at NeoImages. Ada brings experience from her former management position of Pierogi Gallery in Brooklyn. In addition to being nationally recognized for her own art and curatorial projects, Ada continues her art making practice and has exhibited her work internationally. Ada's association with the Santa Barbara Museum of Art brings a local resource closer to our memberbase.

Andre Sayre is the lead programmer and is in charge of improving the core NeoImages application, web servers, mail server and database infrastructure. Andre is studying Computer Science at UCSB and has recently been employed for a summer internship at Microsoft.

Robert Watson is our business development advisor. With 25 years solid professional experience, he has been overseeing all aspects of NeoImages for the last 6 years. Robert works for Adobe systems and lives in Marin County, California.

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