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All people and things existing in the universe are related to someone and something. Nothing stands by itself and is isolated completely. More or less, they are influenced by one another. I am very interested in many relationships, which exist in the universe, and my works explore this theme. I see a similarity between the configuration on the universe and that of a textile. Although the textile is made of the warp and the woof, the universe is woven from so many strands such as people, animals, plants, feelings, and ideas. Each strand is complicatedly entwined and woven into the universe. To depict its relationship in the universe, I draw lines and circles in my works. The lines could be the warp and the woof of the universe, and the circles could be the points where some strands intersect. I want to know the universe is composed of these intersecting points and how I can understand it. In my art works, I want to depict it precisely. At the same time, through the process of working, I am surprised at my discoveries.
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