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The invention of photography in 1839 represents a revolutionary progress in the area of visual communication. Almost 200 years long process of recording the world has no parallel in the history of mankind. Within a second a unique historic source is generated and cannot be replaced by any other means. Targets of my photographic interest are documentary series about a particular communities, or social groups. This specific picture of a specific group represents one of the many different parts of the whole. It is not my goal to find an universal model. It is not my idea to globalize and create a certain standard. The choice of such group evolves from my inner intuition.

Beside the above mentioned social document – I like the idea of merging photography and typography through computer into one compact unit that leads to a complete graphic design – a vision. The keynote is to widen the meaning of photography and its basic capacity, and that is - the information. The wide scope of activities in the area of photography I am involved in, and the knowledge I have gained through my theoretical studies, as well as my work in the area of graphic design enable me to perceive the function of photography in a more complex way as a means of visual communication which allows me to better participate within its development and its application within society.
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