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John Parker is both earcon and Eyekhan.

earcon explores the extreme sonic possibilities afforded by contemporary means of sound production, fusing the controlled and the random into a volatile, ever-twisting whole.

Although a voracious fan of music, listening to everyone and everything possible, the path into a recording studio would prove long and circuitous.

First, earcon incorporated sound into art installations. These noise experiments, comprised of both warped field samples and inchoate, haunting textures, possessed many of the characteristics of what would later become his signature sound.

Shortly after setting up shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, he began to show his work in a variety of settings, from Brooklyn's famed Lunatarium, alongside the likes of DJ Spooky, to Chelsea's Caren Golden Fine Art, where he shared space with venerated sound artist Christian Marclay.

His sonic investigations necessitated increasingly complex compositions, requiring him to look outside of visual art and into the world of music. He began playing gigs, first at dives and then later at mainstays like Share, Remote Lounge, Tonic and CBGB's. In 2001 at a neighborhood bar, he and hip-hop producer, Cave Precise, had the first of many friendly conversations. Those discussions provided the spark for what began initially as a tentative collaboration but soon escalated into the intense effort that produced Man From Planet Risk's ‘Escaping Chixalub‘.

earcon continues to compose and perform music with Man From Planet Risk as well as various side and solo projects.

Presently, Eyekhan extends his work in painting and sculpture into the digital visual realm primarily working with .gifs of destroyed .jpegs.

Both earcon's and Eyekhan's works can be viewed or heard on the web at eyekhan.com

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