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Photographs by Jane Calvin
I am an artist whose photographs evoke the play of veracity and falsehood, reality and fiction as recorded by the camera. My work belongs in that genre of images which engages these ideas of artificiality and constructedness. The images are constructed by montaging projected imagery and found objects into room-sized assemblages, which I then photograph to make tableaux into which layers of meaning are woven. The ambiguous nature of photographic space, with the iconic, cultural, and historic content carried by my materials and process, requires viewers to find meaning between the fragmented spaces of my elliptical narrative. The images can be seen as my commentary on the political and social roles projected onto a society whose desires, manipulated by language and image, conflict with concerns of gender, sexuality, race, and female identity. My storytelling is non-linear, digressive and elusive. The subject matter appearing disconnected from its proper place and time, mysteriously overlaps our own. Through the content carried in my found materials and texts, I address the social and political conditions that are just out of sight, but remain like some kind of background radiation exerting a subtle but undeniable influence on our society and times. I ask the viewer to see what has been there all along.
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