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Artist's Statement
"My working process involves moving ideas from one medium to another. A drawing may become a print which will become a sculpture -- then the sculpture can inspire drawings which are collaged with printed backgrounds, which gives me further ideas for creating environments composed of many sculpted objects. In 2004 I began a series of hybrid animals. These evolved from my animal series, adding an element of scientific aberration. During the development of several ongoing animal series, I began swapping body parts. Each successive morphological juxtaposition added momentum to this new series. Drawing reference from natural history illustration and mythology, an imaginary animal world was assembled. The research required to undertake my current hybrid animals series spanned such topics as animals and mythology, skeletal structure, and habitat. In this process, the American Museum of Natural History served as a very powerful source of information and considerable visual guidance. As a result of these visits, I began building dioramas within which the hybrid creatures cohabitate. In 2007 I began a new series entitled ‘99¢ Store Miracles’.  As a child, I always loved the 5 and 10¢ stores and with each trip would wonder what little treasure I would find there. That fascination continued through the years, and evolved into the current series of works on paper. The ‘models’ which inspired these works are toys which I purchased at 99¢ stores. I set them up in ever-changing miniature landscapes in my studio.  Also in 2007 I began a series of prints and sculpture, 'The Miracles of Hare-Boy', and in 2008 I began a series entitled 'Infantry', depicting the Day the Babies Took Over the World."   Sarah Hauser is represented by Woodward Gallery (www.woodwardgallery.net) in New York City.   I have also recently begun a blog on animal-related topics at http://sarahsuricat.blogspot.com/.
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