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Artist's Statement
My art making often employs a mix of technologies: collage, printmaking, video, and sculpture techniques all come into play within the objects and installations I have produced. This work results in images or objects, in which physical form or the context of elements impacts how one experiences the work. Most recently Freizeit , a project in digital color photography, explores the 'free time' activities of individuals in social settings. In these works body language and context join to encapsulate a feeling for specific social dynamics or cultural phenomena. Other images play with metaphorical associations of objects or places from private or public environments. These associations reflect upon the humor or isolation found in these settings. In earlier projects such as Structures of Detention, an edition of photo-silk screen prints on the bound editions of The New York Law Journal, there is a similar focus. Houses of Detention and Federal buildings in New York City, provide the counterpoint to court proceedings and records documented on the pages text. Other works include: The Pursuit Series, drawings made from television images of police activity and 30 Minutes B & W photographs in an enlarged contact sheet format. Both projects focus on an American fascination with representations of criminal behavior, policing and criminal justice. With these works, there is a dialog established between image and subject matter, providing an opportunity for commentary and dark humor. In a different vein, Progression and Aura explore printmaking techniques for the purpose of creating light works. This is done with the reflection of brilliant light prints on walls surrounding photographically etched bronze plates. The result is to create a body of images, which reflect on the transitory nature of life and human mortality.
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