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My acrylic and thread paintings are a reinterpretation of automatic drawing techniques begun by the dada-ists, in which lengths of string (thread in my case) were dropped onto a surface where the arbitrary position of their landing decided the appearance of the image. Automatism held a fascination for many surrealists and action painters, and I consider myself a devotee of both schools. The accidental gesture of dropping lengths of wet thread onto a canvas below holds a great deal of power for me. Inevitably the resulting image suggests issues and themes that have come from what I assume is my subconscious, although sometimes the relevance of the resulting image takes a while for me to recognize. This unique process allows me to “draw” directly with the actions of my wrist and fingers, without the interference of a brush, pen or pencil. When I feel that the thread drawing is complete, I fix the line into place, and begin a meditative process of meticulously flooding selected whorls and loops of thread with liquefied acrylics. The finished work often suggests “pours” of indeterminate liquids, stained glass, and “cracks” into other planes.
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