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Artist Statement
For the past thirty years I have been exploring the relationship of structure, process and image. My desire has been to liberate my work from the inherent limitations associated with pictorial representation by attempting to reestablish a new logic and structure for pictorial space. Having explored the above issue over an extended period of time I have come to realize the obstacles facing painting are not only located in the language of representation and image and but also the very act of painting as we know it. I now believe painting, as a social convention needs to be readdressed in order to move forward. Otherwise I am afraid painting will continue to be plagued by the irrelevance issue, which as a painter I believe is not true. By no means have I been successful in solving any of these problems, but to paraphrase Thomas Edison I know a thousand ways not to make a light bulb shine, madam. I know a thousand ways not to make a painting something more than what it is.
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