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Little Monsters is a "series of series"
Little Monsters is a "series of series" using 15 images appropriated from two books entitled Diseases of Women. Once released from the constraints of their original contexts, these "objective illustrations" of diseased or defective female reproductive organs reveal an emotional quality that could only grow from unconscious anxiety. On one level, this anxiety can be attributed to the traitorous character of a malfunctioning body: Organs which are essential to our life and identity becoming the site of disability or death. But on another level, all feminine anatomy has historically been treated as an aberration of "natural" biology (read: male) and was seen as a disruption of medical science's androgynous universal models of the human body (also read: male). It is this anxiety resulting from the break down of beloved false premise that is most compelling. ...Particularly since it forms a "crack" in the facade of disinterested objectivity maintained by reason and science through which we can glimpse the inescapable influence of the unconscious. Media: Xerox on handmade paper with pastel or ink wash or guache.
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