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David Vigon's art
David Vigon was born in 1965 and grew up on New York's Lower East Side. He trained in studio art at Amherst College, New York Studio School, and the School of Visual Arts; in piano and composition at Mannes College of Music; and in clothing and fabric design at Fashion Institute of Technology. He was partner in a custom clothing design shop on the Lower East Side for several years, helped conceive and appeared in performance art events, then opened a high-end floral design business. David now paints representational oils full-time in his studio in East Williamsburg. David's art draws deeply on his experiences in floral design, clothing and textile design, and performance art. After experimenting with oils in various fantasy modes, David chose a realist style subtly imbued with mystery and story. His floral paintings (Mums) are still lifes but they are not still. He contrasts sharp and soft foci, achieves fascinating depth of field, and invests the natural shapes with compelling drama. His paintings of urban life scenes (Mannequins) also offer considerable suggestiveness, gently inviting the viewer to follow the concept off canvas. Legs represents a new strand of his work, layering past with future. Pulsating soft-focus backgrounds recall his floral designs behind bright, sharp-focus foreground figures segmented from pop culture. David intends to develop his art as multiple strands, moving from one to the other, using this variety to enrich all his work.
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