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The drawings and sculptures that I make are based upon my re-interpretations and mythologies of how cities evolve and involve pictorial and sculptural rather than architectural concerns. These concerns include thinking of space as a malleable element – there are no injunctions in sculpture against wrapping the horizontal plane of a city into a sphere, for example. Time is also malleable – it’s possible within the framework of sculpture to re-imagine cities, to invent alternate histories for cities, as in “An Alternate History to Brewster Village”.

The drawings are depicted as isometric projections because they have the curious ability to depict three-dimensional space while at the same time flattening it completely. While the isometric drawing is an architectural conceit designed to permit accurate measurement, it is also a compromise between perspectival space and engineered space. Within the context of my work, this kind of space lets me work in a space somewhere between figuration and abstraction.

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