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Some Thoughts on Architecture and Memory

Details Below 14th Street (in progress since 2002)
is about seeing architectural details from the intimacy of the sidewalk downtown New York City. For this portfolio I've limited myself to photographing buildings built before 1940, shooting conventional 35mm color film original, hand-held, in high key available daylight and then printing digital “giclée” exhibition prints in small limited editions. Since beginning this project in 2002, I expect to remain focused on this work in progress for the next decade. With so much ground to cover, there has come an added urgency with the recent demolition of many of these structures with the latest tsunami of urban renewal.

Souvenirs Blue (portfolio published 2009)
My passion for architecture remained unresolved and submerged until I began obsessively shooting building facades in my neighborhood after 9/11. Today, searching my archives, I find examples of more random and improvisational observations of architectural elements from the 80’s  with my camera as my probe and my diary. The images selected for Souvenirs Blue are small limited edition toned giclée prints from these early studies in 35mm black and white. Each of these images carries, for me, a spark from my original first encounter with these treasures and monuments.

(photo: Fountain of the Naiads, Rome, 1985)
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