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Artist Statement

The American Modernist artists defining themselve in the Stiegliitz circle are an important influence on my paintings with their observations of nature and their diaries inspiring works with an anti-modern spirit of movement, space and light. Though not directly and drawing from a number or influences, the paintings of mine explore the nature of visual illusion, through relationships modeled to depict active biomorphic and inorganic forms throughout the space of my paintings.  Merging unstable spatial relationsipships cultivated by chance enliven the painting and invite in metaphors of air, wind, water and either.This place of perfect inbalance, or balance depending on perspective is suggestive and optical in my paintings organized through introduced structure and overlay of paint applications. My paintings abstract the palpable expansive phenomenon that is nature integrating anti-modernistic themes that interact through color transparency and solidity.  

Victoria Johnson  
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