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Margaret Withers Artist Statement
The foundation for my art came during a largely unsupervised childhood
in which I distanced myself from actuality by envisioning my own small
world as a theater and casting myself as both playwright and lead
actor in countless fictions. In my current paintings I sew in pen and
ink drawings and I employ materials--resin, pigment, oil paint, and
string--in order to manifest forms at once familiar and
unrecognizable, visual fictions, compositions on the stage of my
canvases full of life and movement. When a viewer encounters my
figures, or "guys," as I call them, the initial impulse is to decode
or interpret, which is my knock at the door, my invitation to come out
and play.
I am especially interested in expanding the parameters of plastic art
by mixing different mediums that are at once strong and weak, textured
and smooth, light and dark. A collage that is not based on found
objects but instead on handmade objects which combine to form a new
compound art that is a study in wonderment and play and generated by a
distinct vocabulary by which I propel my narratives and proffer a
challenge to either discover the story or pretend a new one.
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