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Illuminated Polaroids
The Illuminated Polaroids are 4'x4' light boxes whose imagery originate from hand colored and manipulated SX-70 Polaroid photographs. The SX-70 prints are 3"x3" and I intentionally use outdated film. The old film, the hand coloring with oil crayon and the deconstruction of the actual original Polaroids results in the multi-layered illuminated imagery of the light box. The images look very painterly with the small oil crayon strokes on the small surface of the Polaroids end up resembling broad painterly brush strokes when blown up to this larger scale.  I received a Polaroid Sponsorship in 1985-87 for this hand coloring technique and I have several original SX-70s and 20"x 24" Polaroids in the Polaroid collection. 
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