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Through my practice over the past thirty-five years, I’ve sought connection with the oldest made things and the soil from which they are shaped. Acknowledging the power of ancient presences, and landscapes is integral to the creation of my drawings, paintings, collages, photography, and fine art books. Through assignment-driven travels with my husband, photographer Macduff Everton, I’ve learned that travel increases my sense of humanity, makes me take risks, reveals and undermines my prejudices, and stretches my conceptions about art. Physical place has been a wellspring. Recent and enduring projects have emerged from the vine-choked ruins of Southeast Asia, the Pacific Ocean’s deckled edge from North to South America, the ancient cave art sites in Southwestern France, Patagonia and Iceland’s rugged terrain and the Himalayas.

I find that an intense experience in a natural site — the smells, feel touch and cultural memory — imbues a place with a sacredness that demands something of me. I employ various media and processes as a means to touch the nerve of being alive and connected to land and people across time. I try to notice what is vivid and link that with a sensual well-crafted process. My work bears witness to the evidence of time and impermanence, beauty and loss, the nets of translation and the holes through which meaning slips. This is where I aim.

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