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My art, a hybrid of computer art and traditional painting, is a form of time and space travel, which reflects my desire to transgress temporal as well as a spatial boundaries. I diagram the wish for harmony that all forms of life yearn for. With the awareness that the harmony created through my art is just another virtual illusion, I focus on the continuous search itself as an essential beauty. My work explores social anxiety and unresolved issues of life in our contemporary technological culture. Inspired by ancient philosophy and mysticism, it invokes the harmonious coexistence of paradoxical elements in all forms of life. Buddha, narcotic substances, modern technology and even tiny flowers in my artwork all address and yearn for harmony. I harvest images from the internet, which I modify and collage to create new, amalgamated illusions. These “ghost” images become new entities in cyberspace and serve as my response to the anonymous people who uploaded the original images onto the internet. Some of these images become corporeal as they are embodied through the act of painting, while others remain ethereal, existing only in cyberspace. I digitally print some images on polyester or cotton canvas and paint with traditional technique, as if traveling back in time to the pre-internet age. The ghost images derived from virtual space are given new, tangible forms.

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