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"Moving Stills"
In Moving Stills the motion in space suggests a seeming fluidity. Yet each particle in the works of this series exists in its own defined boundaries, exact size and precise direction, thereby creating an absorbent vibration that has simultaneously converging as well as diverging features. In their individual distinctiveness, as well as in their cohesive collectivity the particles interact with their background. The entirety of movement and course of all elements in ostensible chaos, yet concrete formative structure when looked upon from a distance, render the works a transcendent, reflective quality. The underlying principle of the works is controlled energy, raw powers created through and at the same time restricted by spatial structures and the arrangement of interlocking lines. Using a reduced vocabulary of minimalist forms, the untitled individual works in this series provide the suggestion of energetic movement within a motionless, frozen setting. The works are not informed by any kind of anticipation of what the viewer may or may not see in them, but rather are to be understood by making the actual attempt of leaving the ways of perception behind that we are so accustomed to, in order to be “felt” quite intuitively in an act of self-communication. Moving Stills came about in a process of continuous serial production, where each work -having its own chain reaction- led to new ideas for ongoing minimal abstract explorations. The works imply a certain volatility, though they are nevertheless deprived of any incidental, unintentional influences that might distract from the subtleness, efficiency and lucidity of their overall effect.
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