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Artist Statement
I make large, abstract, acrylic paintings that have a post-abstract expressionist/pop aesthetic. This series of work is influenced by Japanese street fashion, kimonos, and block prints, combined with motifs from high and low culture. Some are more graphic while others are looser and more painterly. The visual language includes unexpected spatial relationships that are layered, patterned, deep, sometimes outlined, and flat mixed with extreme color combinations. Large shapes sit on top of others and the space extends off the canvas in all directions. Like a cartoon I intend my paintings to have an “over-the-top”, slightly absurd, irreverent sensibility while simultaneously evoking dream-like experiences and feelings. In addition to being a painter, I am a dancer, choreographer and director of Annie Sailer Dance Company. My choreography involves structured improvisations that are non-frontal and bleed off the edges of the performing space. Movement sequences overlap, freeze in stillness, and are repeated or referred to in various groupings, facings, and locations. Images are used to generate the movement and spatial arrangements. There is an overlap between my choreographic process and the way I paint that particularly affects my spatial sensibility. My paintings can also be viewed online at my website: www.anniesailer.com and at: http://afonline.artistsspace.org/
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