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Symbolism, myth, metaphor, narrative; all of these ideas pulsate within and penetrate the membrane of what we consider reality. They exist in each of our identities or perhaps our identities exist within them. What defines our realities? How do we arrive where we are and where we are going? These are the topics and questions that interest me as an artist. My intimate explorations and studies into these issues have led me through the real, the sublime, the spiritual the hyperreal.

The focus this body of work is the concept of Sacred Geometry. This spiritual system of ideas deals with the visible and underlying geometric forms within nature and the relationships found between them.
 I think of this series of works as models of small relationships with in the universe, or "Universe models". The models are symbolic in that they are singular as well as one piece of the whole. Each successive piece explores new connections to sacred geometry revealing parallel relationships, and passing on insights into scientific, spiritual laws of the universe.
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