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Sculptures and Drawings 2005-2006
OUTDOOR SCULPTURES: I think of these as landscape interventions. I remove stone and wood fragments from the landscape environment, alter them and replace them. Signage and text from warfare graphics, security manuals and military advertising intervene with natural landscape settings, carved into organic materials to interrupt our enjoyment of nature. Sited in the Hudson Valley they also function as a more anxious response to landscape art, a dark mirror held up to the romanticism of the Hudson River painters. INDOOR SCULPTURES: These sculptures mix together found materials with found text, from news media, advertising, war reports, personal diaries. Material and text marry or clash with each other. Water, stone, wood, debris, text. That's all I know. DRAWINGS: It's all about drawing. It's all about making marks on surfaces to justify meaning and attempt to communicate. These drawings elegantly and minimally smash together disparate systems of language and image. None of the images and text belong together, or do they?
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