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ED HERMAN     Bio   Statement                Messenger
Birth Year: 1942
Birth Place: DETROIT
Currently Lives In: NEW YORK
Solo Exhibitions
Subway del CentroGalleria 9 ColonneFerrara, Italy2000
From St. & SubwayStudio D'ArsMilano, Italy1999
Life in the StreetFordham UniversityNEW YORK, NY1998
Two for the ShowKesslerPoughkeepsie, NY1997
Empty StreetZona CastaliaTorinio, Italy1997
Empty StreetStudio D'ArsMilano, Italy1996
Rain & Lost Portrait of my FatherAtlantic GalleryNEW YORK,NY1993
Out the WindowChuck LevitanNEW YORK, NY1992
From Street to SkyFashion ModaBronx, NY1991
Group Exhibitions
The War is Over "Again"SIDESHOWBrooklyn, NY2007
BLastHolland TunnelBrooklyn, NY2007
Black & WhiteHolland TunnelBrooklyn, NY2006
NewsArtVaridianNEW YORK, NY2005
Art from DetritusSynagouge for ArtsNEW YORK, NY2005
Rider ProjectIdiom GalleryNEW YORK, NY2004
Luminous Image IIIValenTorino, Italy1998
9 Dragons HeadsNat. MuseumChongju, S. Korea1997
New York DiaryInstitute for Contemporary Art, P.S. 1,Long Island City, NY1991
Dia de los MuertosAlternative MuseumNew York, NY1990
Benefit Exhibitions
Postcards from the EdgeBrent Sikkema GalleryNew YORK, NY2006
Postcards from the EdgeRobert MillerNEW YORK NY2005
Postcards from the EdgeBrent Sikkema GalleryNew YORK, NY2004
Kim Jae YoungHomeless IllusionArt Korea1998
Dario SalaniED HERMANFlash Art, Milano1997
Enrico BajNY: Ed Herman's Beggar Between Skyscrapers & TrashCorriere Della Sera, Milano1988
SculptureNYFANEW YORK1991
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