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Nancy Baker     Bio   Statement                Messenger
Birth Place: Brooklyn, NY
Currently Lives In: Raleigh, NC
Website: www.tireshopgallery.com
BFASchool of Visual ArtsNYC1975
Solo Exhibitions
Pious FraudPlus Ultra GalleryBrooklyn, NY2005
Alien Allegations1708 GalleryRichmond, VA2004
MarginaliaMeredith CollegeRaleigh, NC 2004
Group Exhibitions
Lost Worlds, Utopia and ApocalypseAxel RabinNew York, NY2003
Museum Exhibitions
Home Grown, Raphaella PlatowSoutheastern Center for Contemporary ArtWinston Salem, NC2003
NC Artists Exhibition, Elizabeth ArmstrongNC Museum of ArtRaleigh, NC1999
Curatorial Activity
EphemeraTire Shop GalleryRaleigh. NC2004
Luis CamnitzerMe AlienAlien Allegations Catalogue2004
Visual Arts FellowshipSAF/NEAAtlanta, GA1995
Visual Arts FellowshipNC Arts CouncilRaleigh, NC2000
Visual Arts FellowshipNC Arts CouncilRaleigh, NC1995
Visual Arts FellowshipTenn Arts CouncilTenn1983
Public Collections
North Carolina Museum of ArtRaleigh, NC
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