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Birth Year: 1966
Birth Place: oahu, hawaii
Currently Lives In: Tacoma, Washington, USA
MFA, Ceramic ArtUniversity of WashingtonSeattle, WA2000
BFACalifornia State U. ChicoChico, CA1997
undergraduate San Francisco Art InstituteSan Francisco, CA1991
Solo Exhibitions
P.O.D. (Points Of Departure)The Helm GalleryTacoma, WA2009
Phil RoachKittridge GalleryTacoma, WA2005
Perth Works Trailsite specific installationsPerth, Australia2004
ImpressionsSoil GallerySeattle, WA2003
The Nest Project, ImpressionsBellevue Art MuseumBellevue, WA2003
Propensity #2Awesome Contemporary Arts FestivalPerth, Australia2001
PropensityNico GallerySeattle, WA2001
MFA Solo ExhibitionCMA GallerySeattle, WA2000
Visions of America (w/Backyard Appropriations)CMA GallerySeattle, WA1999
Three Easy, Seven Step Recipes for ArmageddonCSUC BFA Art GalleryChico, CA1997
2 Person Exhibitions
What's in a Box?Western Australia MuseumPerth, Australia2004
Flux w/artist Jennifer WestNew City Theatre , Henry Art Gallery and Media 911Seattle, WA2001
Group Exhibitions
Coupling V: BifocalOuchmyeye GallerySeattle, WA2007
8th Northwest Biennial, David Keil, The WhitneyTacoma Art MuseumTacoma WA2007
What’s in a BoxWestern Australia MuseumPerth, Australia2004
Sorta” The Filter SeriesConsolidated WorksSeattle, WA2002
MultiplexBumbershoot 2002 Arts FestivalSeattle, WA2002
Lava 2002NoodleworksSeattle, WA2002
Shaping StoriesBellevue Art MuseumSeattle, WA2001
LineformcolorThe Howard HouseSeattle, WA2001
BlinkThe Kirkland Art Center Kirkland, WA2001
HomeSoil GallerySeattle, WA2000
Raw ImproveThe Rex GallerySeattle, WA2000
Small Works - Annual Juried ExhibitionJacob Lawrence GallerySeattle, WA1998
Beauty - Annual Juried Art ExhibitionG.A.S. GalleryChico, CA1996
Northern California Regional Art ExhibitionChico Arts CenterChico, CA1995
SFAI Annual Juried Art ExhibitionSan Francisco Art InstituteSan Francisco, CA1991
Emerging Mendocino 2nd Regional Art ExhibitionMendocino Art CenterMendocino, CA1988
Museum Exhibitions
8th Northwest Biennial, David Keil (Whitney NY)Tacoma Art MuseumTacoma, WA2007
What’s in a Box?Western Australia MuseumPerth, Australia2004
The Nest Project, ImpressionsBellevue Art MuseumBellevue Art Museum2003
Pleasure Craft: The North West BiennialTacoma Art MuseumTacoma, WA2001
Shaping StoriesBellevue Art MuseumSeattle, WA2001
Artist LectureUniversity Puget SoundTacoma, WA2005
"Seattle Collects" Lecture and presentationSeattle Arts CommissionSeattle City Space, Seattle, WA2002
Artist Lecture and PresentationCurtin UniversityPerth, Australia2001
Artist Lecture and PresentationThe Kirkland Art CenterKirkland, WA2001
Tacoma Art Museum (Curator David Keil)Artist - Phil Roach8th Northwest Biennial - Exhibtion Catalog2007
Sara Krajewski"Phil Roach at Soil" Review of "Impressions"Art Week2004
The West Australian"Artist Work Troublesome Terrorist Threat?"The West Australian2004
Guardian Express, Australia“Awesome Art On A Small Scale” Guardian Express, Perth, Australia2004
Regina Hackett"Impressions Outlasts Museum"Seattle Post Intelligencer2003
Matthew Kangas"Two Exhibits Affirm Conworks’ Rise In Art World”Seattle Times2003
Robert Shuster"Aquired Taste" Review of Seattle Collects 2002Seattle Weekly2002
Anna Fahey"Peepshow"Lava 20022002
Emily Hall"Murky/Beautiful" Review of FluxThe Stranger2001
Ron Banks"Awesome Mysteries" Review of “Propensity” The Perth Examiner, Australia2001
Anna Fahey"Playful Vision" Review of "Blink"Seattle Weekly2001
Lisa Gunter"Pleasure Cruise" Review of 2001 Northwest BienniaThe Tacoma Reporter2001
Moley Rhodes"Through the Hole in the Wall" InterviewArt Access2001
JIll ConnerReview of "Home" Art Papers2001
Emily HallArtist Bio - Phil RoachThe Stranger2000
Soyon Im“There’s no place like... " Review of "Home"The Seattle Weekly2000
Tacoma Arts Initiative GrantTacoma Arts CommissionTacoma, WA2005
G.A.P. GrantArtist TrustSeattle, WA2001
Honorary GrantUniversity of Washington Seattle, WA1998
Purchase Award for "Seattle Collects 2002"The Seattle Arts CommisionSeattle, WA2002
1st Place AwardNorthern California Regional Art ExhibitionChico Art Center. Chico, CA1995
Jurors AwardEmerging Mendocino Regional Juried ExhibitionMendocino Art Center. Mendocino, CA1988
New Works LaboratorySponored by Media 911 and The Henry Art Gallery Seattle, WA2001
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