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Birth Place: Hong Kong
Currently Lives In: Northern California
Website: www.heifok.com
Honorably MentionSacramento State Alumni Open ShowSacramento2014
Award of MeritCalifornia State FairSacramento2013
Award of MeritCalifornia State FairSacramento2012
Award of MeritCalifornia State FairSacramento2011
Kay Boron Memorial AwardCalifornia State FairSacramento2010
Award of MeritCalifornia State FairSacramento2010
Honorable Mention32nd Annual Open ShowBlue Line Gallery2008
Award of MetitCalifornia State FairSacramento2007
Honorable MentionStudent Purchase Award ShowUniversity Union Gallery2005
Increase Robinson Memorial FellowshipStudent Awards ShowElse Gallery2005
Honorable Mention Award29th Annual Open ShowRoseville Arts Center2004
Best of Show & Purchase AwardStudent Purchase Award ShowUniversity Union Gallery2002
Peyser Prize in Painting Student Awards ShowElse Gallery2002
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