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Birth Year: 1957
Birth Place: Australia
Currently Lives In: London, New York
Website: www.jotuck.com
Postgraduate IntermediaCroydon college of ArtLondon1978
Solo Exhibitions
Jo Tuck American Art GalleryNew York2010
Jo Tuck PaintingConway house Queensland2006
Jo Tuck Contemporary ArtHAMILTON ISLANDQueensland2002
Jo Tuck paintingPump HouseGalleryLondon1996
Group Exhibitions
New York ArtistsSpaceVermont2010
New York ArtistsSPACEBurlington Vermont2010
New York artistsSPACE Fine ArtVermont2010
Art RawGalleryInaugural ShowNew York2009
Albert WangIAO ProjectsSalt Lake City2009
GibsonModern Artists GalleryLondon2009
MangiGroup ShowLong Island,New York2009
Peace Camp Danielle HorneThe Bricklane galleryLondon2007
Peggie BrodieModern Artists GalleryBerkshire, London2007
Summer ShowWhite Space GalleryConneticut,USA2006
International ShowCaelum GalleryNew York2006
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