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Winter2022 Large Paintings
Winter 2022 Medium Paintings
Winter 2022 Small Paintings
In Situ Winter 2022 Paintings
Portraits: Works on Paper
Sketch Ups portfolio 2022
Fall 2021 New Oil Paintings
Playing Cards Small Scale
Sketch Ups portfolio 2022
quite a few more of these NFT works.

break me out


Winter Folk

Hawaiian Dredging

Cereal Boxers

Twitter Feed

Folk Art Runaways

Etherium Landscape with Joshua Trees

Storm Ahead 12/30/21

Mortgage Rates Hit Record Lows

Yellow Birds

Beige 1

Irreverent Marine

Deal Safely with Dupont

Lemon Cactus

Nested Abstraction

Millions Of Deals

wtf another NFT

santa cruz market series

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