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Urban Art Project: Oye, Mira / Hey, Look! 2014
Ripples 2013
Be Series, 2012
Installation 2011
Collages 2009
Text Paintings 2008
The Animated Forest Series
Desert Series
Drawings 2004
My latest drawings (Waste and Habitat series) show elements of human waste, such as packaging, rubber bands and other plastic remains floating in a sea of mixed up detritus, cell-like creatures, sound waves and energy fields. I start by obtaining a digital print of an actual discarded packaging and

Habitat 4 (Pink)

Habitat 1 (Blue)

Habitat 3 (Yellow)

Habitat 2 (Red)

Waste #1

Waste #3

Waste #4

Waste #5

Waste #6

Waste #2

Waste #7

Redes #1

Redes #3

Redes #2

Redes #4

La Seguridad del Hombre (Man's Sense of Securi

Detail, La Seguridad del Hombre

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