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Colorful Flowers and Still Lifes
Delicate Still Lifes
Small Nudes for Small Budget
Landscapes, Cityscapes
Mickey's Skull: Surreal Scenes in Oil
Work, Play and Everyday Life
Death, War, Peace
Flotsam and Jetsam: Abstractions in print
Sea Life
Colorful Nudes
Still Lifes in Oil
Nudes on paper
People up Close
Museum and Public Collections
Sold and Private Collection Items
People up Close

Jessie James Wife


woman with pail


Nancy 1

Price On Request

Young Roman (Jonny)

Price On Request

Woman Reading


Strumming Guitar 2

Price On Request

bald man in a suit holding a wine glass

Price On Request

portrait of a lady


Myrna aka Tough One




Blue Eyed Officer


Man with Letter




Pele DeLappe


Blurry woman


A. Corelli


J.S. Bach


Meg with cats




Avril (color)




Blonde Woman with Locket

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