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My new paintings on paper draw influence from advertising, abstraction, minimalism and graphic design, as well from ideas by people I know and interact with, and the books I read.

I have always been fascinated by the allure of advertising: by the slick, colorful and bubble gum reality it sells us and, at the same time, by the controlling power these images hold. People need mental space to rest, which is becoming more and more difficult to find in public spaces. In “You Can Rest Now” I have created cocoons or cozy cells, inside which one could imagine herself resting.

In pieces such as “Accept Your Circumstances”, “It is What it is” or “Everything Changes”, I have combined ideas taken from literature, people’s beliefs or my own philosophy with basic organic elements, in an attempt to create a visual space for them. In a way, by using the same graphic tools that advertising uses, I want to make anti-ads, blank spaces given to anti-commercial ideas and values. I am also very interested in the interaction between the visual and mental component in these works. These texts are also comments on the difficulties of the creative process.

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