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Artists Statement
My recent work deals with surface and paint, often using the theme of aquatic recreation as a larger metaphor. I employ ancient painting techniques such as encaustic and fresco while addressing contemporary themes of competition, play, leisure and commodity. I work through my ideas in multiples. The Stranded series examines isolation within the culture of tourism. Figures are out-scaled by nature, geographically related but psychologically removed from the people around them. Either adrift in the shallow sea or deserted in a beach-like setting, the characters are ultimately out of touch with their surroundings. Simultaneously tranquil and vulnerable, this body of work examines the physicality of being alone. Also painted in the wax-based medium of encaustic, the Waikiki series contains figures that are physically layered onto the painted surface. The paint simultaneously builds up and conceals their identities. As tourists they are granted immunity from daily life and responsibilities – these paintings piece together the empty moments that make up the act of vacationing. In the Receptacles for Water series, I explore the relationship between architecture and leisure. The paintings suggest depth while simultaneously denying it through contrasting areas of translucency and opacity. The subject matter consists of formalized yet playful Jacuzzis. Framing these seemingly frivolous structures, patterns of brick and tile echo modernist concerns of color and balance. Through repetition, the Jacuzzi becomes a defunct signifier of privilege – a blasé container of over-sanitized desire. Ultimately, I am exploring the manufacturing of pleasure and play - where relaxation is a commodity and leisure comes at a price.
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