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A cartographic structure
A cartographic structure spreads across the wall. A juxtaposition of a variety of tapes discloses islands of color situated amidst gossamer trade routes. Spanning the space of a white wall, an ethereal glowing map slowly reveals a myriad of incidental and manipulated imperfections within the apparent authority of mapped information. Cartographic details that allude to a formal environment and intimate a physical truth. Turn-of-the-century maps have always held a deep fascination fro me. They speak to a historical truth, a time past that is no longer reflected in the landscape of today. Often a landscape is muted by progress and edited by our refined ability to delineate place. I am compelled by the shift between the intimated and the real. A puzzle that invigorates concerted study and engages the imagination. These investigations are dedicated to a personal past marked by the traumatic loss of my ancestral home and the erasure and total restructuring of its physical surrounding environment.
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