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Artist's Statement
   My work consists of Color and Black and White Photography as well as Mixed Media Drawings and Paintings.  The themes are based on personal experiences, travel and the effects of light and color. 
   My black and white photographs explore the powerful impact of black and white; often using montage and self portraits as subjects.  Montages are in a way like drawing or painting with photography, they compiling images and creating something new and fresh.  Black and white can have a tremendous impact on an image that color can often detract from.
   The color photographs fuse my love for color with my love for nature.  Nature cannot be duplicated.  I do not manipulate my photos or use filters to change the colors.  I believe in the purity of the subject and try and capture the colors and textures which so often take my breath away.  They create a sense of calm in an often chaotic world; take you to a different place, a sense of solitude.  They are often like a time-lapse, capturing the similarities of nature.  Photography to me is often being in the right place at the right time and having a camera to capture the experience.
   Color is an important factor in all of my works.  I love lush, bright colors interacting together.  It wakes us up, creates a balance between intensity and calmness.  Strong brilliant color plays an important role in my photography as well as my other art mediums.  In addition to photography, I create mixed media drawings and paintings.  I also do occasional installations including light and sculpture to go along with the themes of the drawings and paintings.  The themes of the works are based on dreams, nightmares, personal experiences and literary concepts; often created with a sense of satire.
Connie J. Frisch-Cherniak
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