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                             ARTIST STATEMENT
With nature as a foundation and spiritual catalyst, I
work in two interrelated, yet diverse areas of thought and process. Representational and non-respresentational art, offer the flexibility to develop ideas and images using either or both arenas of art to establish a personal visual dialogue with vast emotional, psychological and spiritual possibilities. It also evokes and challenges me to employ different techniques and styles of art to realize an idea or visual statement. I have found working in these different disciplines of art make the creative process intriguing, powerful and soulful, not only for the myself, but the audience as well. Art should always be open to personal interpretion and meaning, which is what gives art its breadth. Throughout history, art has been a means to escape, confront, interpret, engage, record, define and shape the events of the world, the life process, and its impact on the human race. Having said that, I can't think of a more meaningful and spiritually satisfying reason to spent a lifetime creating it.
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