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In my work, I create the natural world as a habitat full of potential visual metaphors. I’m interested in the leftovers; what’s overlooked, vulnerable, fragile, hardy. I look to my past; what was there that no longer remains; what is replaced. My paintings are crowded. Losing ground and gaining ground, I paint in the same manner. My canvases are made up of layers upon layers of marks and drips. The tactile surfaces are built up. I think of family conversations; one on top of the other, heard, talked over or dismissed. My paintings are emotive environments. The paint application allows an organic abstraction of the imagery. It becomes a tapestry of texture, form and color. Those same elements are present in my metal assemblage sculpture. The sculptures are larger than life, playful and unexpected. They are a combination of noble metals and wires such as; steel, copper and brass. They are emblems of nature; creatures and plant life that I celebrate. I describe them as physical drawings because the wire I often use, gesturally suggests a pencil sketch. Our natural world, in it’s constant state of flux and loss, mirrors ourselves and is the inspiration of my art.
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