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Ellen Hackl Fagan        Statement                Messenger
Call and Response
My paintings, installations and performances make tangible music, the phenomenon of synaesthesia, creating pluralism and inspire an awareness of the mind in the body. The abstract paintings are oftentimes fields or voids, where the subject emerges from the materials used and their characteristics. Through saturation, pattern and repetition, I hear the sound of colors and surfaces as I create the visual object. This sensate awareness compels me toward open-ended experimentation. Weaving threads pulled from Complexity Theory, Chaos Theory, Jungian Psychology and Eastern Meditative Practices, I create works inviting the accidental and randomness, often using printmaking and photographic techniques along with found -object collage. Seeking to create myriad possibilities while fully exploring the language of paint, color and surface, this on going series includes over 350 paintings, completed at the rate of 100 per year. Like jazz music, improvisation rules. This working style echoes the chaotic beauty of life.
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