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Artist Statement

A canvas, sculpture, or the time line of new media presents a stage for me to examine the visually driven attributes of light, perspective, color, form, and movement. Past experiences, present environment, imagination, and experimentation with mixed media allow me to echo my passions, peace, or pleasure. Creations from impressions encountered in urban, rural, or figurative life evolve abstractly. Innovative form and color are fashioned from the physical, mental, or spiritual. Red and black may stir energy or passion. Ochre or sienna may prompt an affection of earth or rock. There is no space for monotony or isolation but possibly a new vision of the familiar or consciousness of a new mystery.

 I begin a painting, sculpture or video composition with paint, found objects or software. The chosen media then grows more sophisticated and substantive with multiple layers as mixed media is applied with a brush, knife, traditional or digital tools. Three-dimensional interior or exterior attachments are sometimes explored. My new work may shadow my previous series and motifs, as I strive for that elusive originality. My exploratory nature for diversity keeps me moving in and out of my compound-ongoing series (Action / Onyx / Lyric / Urban). 

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